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Apr 18, 2014

Permanently Peeved

I say if you have still got a doubt on the title then you are either not in your mid twenty or you have safely crossed over a hundred years of being alive. In that case I believe your memory is not assisting you in recalling this time.

Peeved? I checked the dictionary meaning to get my facts right.

past tense: peeved; past participle: peeved
make (someone) rather annoyed; irritate.
A resentful mood:
"he was peeved at being excluded from the meeting"

So basically to irritate or get irritated. And I quietly nodded my head at both.

Think about it, why would a person who is in his mid twenty not be peeved? He is forever high low on social media. His life has not turned out be much like he had planned. His nights are chequered with mistakes of past and to top it all not deny he is approaching thirty.

Why did I use he everywhere? Where is my feminism? Why didn't I at least use he/she?

Why must this person not be peeved all the time? And in turn spread the spirit of joy annoy all around him/her (*phew*)?

Reasons may be plenty but being a midtwenty means to be forever into the mode of depression, frustration, irritation, imagination (?) Basically 'shunned' (Please don't miss the pun :D )

Tips someone to deal with this each day?

Remember that you are just another human being facing the music of age.
Life is too short to be twenty there is of course forty fifty sixty and hundred, Shahid Afridi hold the record of fastest fifty (Jokes and all :P )
If there is nothing going right perhaps some idea is still left.
Give yourself a chance, give your time a chance. Not everyday is a mid-twenty. There will be few called sixteen (oh they are gone? umm forget this point then.)

Well the author of this post has no idea how to deal with it, as you can clearly see. A lot of posts she has written these short gyaan sessions and gotten away with the short 'hypocrite' snort from the reader. But as she had promised she would document exactly she is feeling each day, today she decided to write about the twelve hour meeting she just finished. Irony is that in the dictionary meaning she picked up, the usage of the word was in the sentence>> "he was peeved at being excluded from the meeting" 

Got it? No?

Well try Permanently Peeved.

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  1. Love the last lines where you explain about ur meeting and irony in the example you picked :)

  2. I can't identify with this, Richa. I remember loving this time of my life - work, relationships, and my social work related activities. Permanently peeved, I was not. Could it be that it's a generational thing - that people are just to driven?

  3. I'm irritated more often than is with something or the yeah I'm peeved!

    P for Petrified-Random Thoughts Naba

  4. Can't help chuckling throughout this post!! And with Afridi on your blog....haha...whole new level!! ;)

  5. New for me..

  6. I loved your take on life and the connection between humor and irritation. Hope to read more. Good luck with the A-Z!

  7. I'm with Corinne in that I was mostly very happy in my 20's. But I do love the word Peeved. I'm going to use next time I do feel a bit annoyed about something.

  8. Hehe I love the word Peeved! Sounds like a looooong meeting,
    Where Legends Begin

  9. I have my own pet peeves, but I am definitely not permanently peeved!

  10. Ooh I'm grinning at this one. According to my little brother I'm permanently in a fussy mood.

  11. Chill Richa! I am forever peeved for every single reason in life and quite naturally so with the endless list, you name it, you get it. One of my pet peeves being unprofessional attitude, ridiculous blind beliefs and what's not...hehe

  12. Permanently Peeved - not that nice of a place to live. My 20's sure had their ups and downs but mostly was an exciting time.

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  13. I have been a very relaxed person all my life- even when I was in the thick of working and all. I used to get flurried about deadlines and work late, but never peeved. Maybe I annoyed others, that's a possibility ;)

  14. Teenage has been the same for me, and now i am touching 30 ( i am a web designer, SBO, husband ) and still peeved. I think it will stick to me forever :)