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Apr 15, 2014

Make mistakes. Lots of them.

In the rush of growing up we often forget where we are heading to. And in due course fumble, fall pick ourselves up and move on. Slowly this starts to become a regular pattern and we of course being humans wish to evolve or learn from our mistakes.

And the first learning we get is to stop making mistakes. We lose the sense of impulsiveness or readiness to take on the world as it is.

But this is not who we are, right? Again like I have been doing in the past I will add a thought.

The depression we experiencing while entering thirties or forties is not that we are going old. But that we are losing the sense of being alive. Our life suddenly looks like a bed of thorned follies and one which we vow never to make again.

But aren't then also the same who make us who we are today.

When we decide to stop making mistakes a part of us dies, the part that is the inventor the Lenardo of our times and it is this which makes us feel old.

Hence the moral of the story is ' Don't stop making mistakes. They are what you will be left with when all your stories of life have been told over and over again. And they will be the ones that cause most memories to come back."

Yes of course which mistakes have forever been a part of my life :D

The idea of giving free ka gyaan to people. I am forever preaching things. It backfires a lot of times. But in one of those rare moments it changes someone's life and it gets all worth it!

What is it that you decided should remain with you, no matter how flawed?

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  1. Excellent post and loved the tip don't stop making mistakes!
    Remember a quote by someone...I don't remember who it was but it went like this: "When you stop making mistakes, you stop growing!" And I totally believe that mistakes are always learning curves...You don't make mistakes, mistakes are simply lessons to take home :)

  2. The fact that I can still throw a tantrum when annoyed or irritated and not bother about being rational :)

    M for Motherly-Random Thoughts Naba

  3. What is life without making a mistake! How will we learn :)

  4. hope to embrace the fact that I am entitled to make mistakes...

  5. Yes the best way to learn and grow is through mistakes....mostly ours and sometimes those made by others. Nice post, Richa!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  6. Oh yes, mistakes make for great stories later on!! :)

  7. This is a great post Richa thank you! A great learning is to be had by making mistakes. Was it Edison who tried 10,000 times until he got the light bulb to work? Forgive me if I've got the inventor wrong - the A-Z blog challenge can cause me to be mistake making! Stopping by via it...
    Garden of Eden Blog

  8. Lovely post!! Yes, mistakes help us evolve! I am loving your picture quotes!

  9. we learn through our mistakes don't we?

  10. I've learnt more from my mistakes than from the things that went right ! :)

  11. We learn through our mistakes and from our mistakes!

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  12. Oh this is so true! We need to fall and get up many times over and let our kids do the same too. Love the quote and the snap, Richa <3

  13. I have made mistakes and that is how I learned many of my life's lessons. Nice post..Richa..

  14. Lovely post...making mistakes is a birth right!

  15. One of the things I tell my students is precisely this: Make mistakes, only then you'll learn, particularly languages.

  16. Our Physics Lab Assitant used to repeat this sentence every now and then: If you can't make a mistake, you can't do anything.
    Brilliant Post, Richa!