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Apr 19, 2014

Do twenty something question everything?

Is doubt or self doubt second name to you? Do you believe that asking questions is a better way than giving answers to somebody?

Then there is a high probability you are in your mid twenty or at least still under a hangover of it.

Most mid-twenties have an immense sense of awareness about their past failures and mistakes. And one learning that cuts across all is that they feel they trusted something or somebody too quickly. Hence risk taking ability reduces and the drive to doubt all increases by leaps and bounds.

Excess of everything is bad. So where blind trust is detrimental, doubt hampers progress. A balance of both can result in huge amounts of success.

Firstly why do mid twenties doubt everything? Or ask questions at every juncture? Because they have baggage, they have carried their failures on their shoulder and the thought of another one scares them. Hence every single step they veer into is a conscious one, a backed up one.

This of course results in them losing out on many other things. People don't have patience and hence don't entertain a lot of questions and life doesn't wait for too long for your doubts to subside, opportunities run away.

What must one do?

Identify what you need to know only on the basis of present coordinates. Past is irrelevant for future plans
Doubts may be used constructively, not to avoid a plan but to enhance it. Positively frame or inquire questions
Doubt may still be dealt with but self doubt can never be. Believing in yourself is the first step, and forgiveness is its pre-cursor
Remember this time too no amount of questions can promise perfection. Failures are part of life

You tell us, do you too ask many questions? Do you believe you can only operate once backed up with data or assurances?

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  1. Ummm... I do ask questions - not sure if they are too many. Also I feel I can operate with or without data ie from scratch when needed... :)

  2. Great post...although I still do question everything even now!

  3. I think it's important to ask questions and become informed rather than just assuming!

  4. I do ask a lot of questions. I think this is the time to educate our minds rather than staying in ignorance. It is good to have a curious mind

  5. Actually your past creates your future as it preps and shapes you for it. Every aspect of your life is linked. As you grow older, the past starts to make more sense. Don't discard it, it holds many clues to your future.

  6. twenties are a time of self-discovery, true selves are found and tested, the strong try everything without thinking and make many mistakes, the smart ones watch their bold friends and learn from them! but sometimes it's good to try new things and stumble, just don't spend too much time calculating the risks or the opportunity will pass by... i had a blast in my twenties and survived! my favorite decade of life, so far!
    great pondering posts for a to z!

  7. I feel questioning things is very healthy and hope I am able to do so even at 40+ as we are led to the path of growth and self discovery. Insightful post, Richa:)

  8. Well Richa, I do ask a lot of questions, sometimes or most of the times I question Myself and my actions.
    today I also chose to write on one question
    Curious to know your views on this.

  9. I ask so many questions that my husband tells me to go back to being the girl from college who hardly spoke...But I guess that's what happens as we grow older

    R for Ready-Random Thoughts Naba

  10. It never hurts to know and understand the "whys" about things.

  11. I ask a lot of questions too and that bugs my husband to no end. But jokes apart, asking questions helps a lot, clarifies your though process and prepares you better!

  12. Self questioning is imp to be clear abt things and be more efficient

  13. I wouldn't say the past is irrelevant to our future plans. We can learn a lot from it. We can learn to ask the right questions and weed out the wrong answers. We can make future plans to avoid the mistakes we made in the past. SO, yes, questions are critical at every stage of life.

  14. Aah its so refreshing to read the questions :).. I have always been a fan of them since they open up a wider view of life and a thought process..I like the last line - Do you ask too many questions? Well I guess the answer probably would be that you are better off than a lot of people if you do so :)

  15. Yes we twenties ask a lot of questions and mainly because our past failures make us cautious and wary.. An insightful post.. Loved reading it. :)

  16. its awesomely written and makes us feel the depth of it... Kudos for that :)
    Shared it on facebook with my pals :)

  17. I have a penchant for asking questions... :-D